Nut Free Pesto and The New Cookbook, Secret Sauce!

Hi everyone! I was invited to partake in a healthy cooking class with Chef Jenny at the Leman Preparatory School in lower Manhattan yesterday . She is a FCIA trained Chef and the celebrity chef at the school. She recently published a book called Secret Sauce with all the kids’ favorites. We had the pleasure […]

Two HOT Dishes! Fifty Shades of Grey and Thai Pineapple Salsa

Hi everyone!   You know when something is in your world and then your ears perk up when someone mentions something about it so that it seems like everyone is talking about it? Yes, I’m talking about Fifty Shades of Grey. I have heard that book clubs around America are experiencing challenges because some of […]

Green Edamame Dip For St. Paddy’s Day or Anytime

Today I had my annual trip to The Side Door, a free hang out spot for middle schoolers from 2:15-5PM. You know, the time when most kids get into trouble….. Last year I presented them with the shocking green shake for St. Paddy’s Day but today I thought I would mix it up with […]

Homemade Pesto and Learn from My Mistake

Hi everyone! Last year I picked my fresh basil when it started getting cold to make pesto. I made a huge batch, ate it for a while and then saw that it had mold growing on it!! I was so annoyed since I had waited so long to harvest that dang basil. Well, this year […]

Beautiful Beet Dip and Pour on the Positive Feedback!

Hi everyone! I was so pleased to receive an email from one of my workshop participants with the photo of him and his son. He was so inspired by our session at the Lil’ Tykes Day Care Center in East Orange that he went home and “took back his kitchen” with his young son. Dang, […]

Quick Cole Slaw For a Crowd and My WASTEFUL Husband!

Hi everyone. I was going to a potluck dinner the other night and planned to make my easy edamame dip I boiled the beans but they smelled sour. I tried them and they were indeed sour, but how?? They were frozen. It turns out that my husband was using them to ice his back, […]

Pistachio Mint Pesto- and Mad Men’s Opressed Ladies

Hi everyone and welcome to August. This August is very special for me because it will be a month filled with Mad Men and it’s leading man, Don Draper (or Jon Hamm). Now, Jon Hamm is a good reason, (actually, a great reason), to watch the show, but another good reason to watch is because […]

Yogurt Onion Dip and Coping with Death -But in a Good Way

Hi everyone. As promised, I am posing above as a hippie, not a dismissive term when I use it, although I do believe I am more of a “bobo”, as one anonymous commentor wrote. Thank you all for your great comments! Now to my subject of the day-death, but not a depressing post so don’t […]

Sun Dried Tomato Hummus and My Passover Seder Workshop

Hi everyone. Please note that I will be facilitating a Passover Seder workshop: Thursday,March 18th 10AM-12 $40.00 We will be making: Rockin’ Morrocan carrot dip with matzoh crackers Tasty AND Healthy Quinoa Salad with dried cherries, sliced almonds and orange dressing Savory and Family Pleasing Sephardic matzoh ball soup (vegetarian option) Easy and delicious Haroset […]

Homemade Ranch Dressing With Chopped Salad and Upcoming Free Workshops

Hi everyone and thanks for all your congrats comments for the Red Cross Award! I want to share a recipe with you that is more assembling than cooking. If you are nervous about presenting a lunch for a friend or your family, how about trying this recipe on for size? You cannot go wrong. I […]