Sample Classes

Take Back the Kitchen provides individual sessions as well as group workshops and classes. Classes can be customized for various needs and populations. Below is a sample of classes offered.

Take Back the Kitchen Crash Course:
This class is designed to get you on your way to cooking healthy, quick, delicious, economical meals for you and your family and friends. Identify and overcome the psychological and practical obstacles to cooking and learn about the basics of Home Economics all while learning how to make a tasty meal.

Family Menu 101:
This class or individual session is designed to help you create a weekly or monthly menu for yourself and your family. You will be amazed at how just a few easy strategies will allow you less stress at dinner time and more meal-memory-making with your family. No more ordering in at the last minute for you!

My Babysitter Doesn’t Cook!:
This individual class or workshop is designed for the child caregiver who needs a little help to provide tasty and healthy meals when you’re not available to do so for your family. This class may be taken with the employer and caregiver or only the caregiver.

Gluten Free (and/or Dairy/Nut Free) and Fancy Free:
This class is designed to empower cooks who need to provide healthy and tasty meals and snacks for those are on a restricted gluten free and/or dairy free diet. No need to rely on store bought products that may be costly and have additives when you can make them yourself.

Around the World in Six Weeks:
Whether you are broadening your culinary repertoire or learning about ethnic cuisine for the first time, this class will take you to six different countries. Each week will teach an appetizer, entree and dessert from each country. ***For school age children, this class can be adapted to provide historical information on the different regions and provide information on why indigenous populations grow and eat the foods that they do.

Dad’s Workshop:
This workshop is geared towards Dads who want to provide a healthy foundation for their children but who may be struggling with how to do so. Group discussion on the challenges and expectations of cooking is an integral part of the workshop. The class will cover the basics of home economics: How to shop, store and prep food for healthy and tasty meals that won’t gauge your wallet, even for picky eaters.

College (Food) Prep!:
This individual or group class will prepare your teen for life on their own or in a dorm room. They will learn that Ramen noodles don’t need to be the mainstay of their college years. This is the perfect gift for a soon to be graduate.

Seniors and Cooking for One:
This workshop focuses on reminiscing about delicious meals from the past and favorite recipes. A discussion or hands on demonstration around one pot meals, meals with little preparation to accomodate one or two.

Food Coop 101:
Overwhelmed by farm coops but love the idea? This class will teach how to join a food coop, how to store and prep for longevity and how to cook your fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Cooking with a Crock pot, Microwave and/or Toaster Oven :
Think you can’t be healthy with just an outlet? Think again! This is the perfect class for those living in a setting with no kitchen or just an outlet to create nutritious meals.

Apron Workshop:
Using the apron as a metaphor, comfort levels and confidence in the kitchen is explored. Everyone is given a unique apron to wear which spawns conversation about feeling comfortable and confident in the kitchen. This workshop can be modified for children from kindergarten through High School.

Green Shake and Dip Demonstration and Discussion:
What may look unappealing may taste delicious and be great for you! Learn quick, easy and nutritious recipes for healthy dips and shakes.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables:
This class will teach which fruits and vegetables are in season and easy ways to store and cook them for quick and delicious, healthy meals and snacks.

Cooking For the Holidays:
Stressed about the family coming over or wondering what you will bring as a guest for a holiday event? Stress no more! TBK will help you make holiday related dishes come out with ease. The classes also provide an opportunity to discuss the accompanying challenges of entertaining and/or cooking for others and strategies to overcome them.

Homemade Deodorant Workshop:
What’s the best way to get adolescents to wear deodorant? Have them make it themselves with safe, natural ingredients that are found in the kitchen! Also learn how to make inexpensive and safe house cleaning products.