Homemade Pita Chips-EASY!!!!

Hi everyone, Please don’t waste food! If you buy 3 bags of fresh and delicious pita bread and they get old and hard because the kids in your house say they love pita but then don’t eat it and you get really annoyed because you work so damn hard to keep the inventory moving and […]

Bingeing On Healthy Food

Some of us, sometimes, binge. I know I do. I recently met a cookbook author who was hell bent on sharing the info that if we just make a slight mental shift, we can binge but not necessarily set ourselves into a tailspin of eating garbage for the rest of the day, night, week or […]

Beet Tahini Dip

Hi everyone! Have you ever had the desire to throw everything out that tempts you in your kitchen? I have. Because I have others living with me, however, I can’t really do that. What I choose to do that is sometimes helpful, is to always have healthy snacks in my fridge to indulge in instead. […]

Coffee Buzz

Hi everyone! There is so much conflicting information out there when it comes to the health benefits of different items we consume and it can be very frustrating as well as a deterrent to cooking. Why should we bother to invest our time and energy to learn to cook and make homemade meals if even […]

Butter Bean Dip

Hi everyone! Here’s another simple dip that will not only make you feel like a pro in the kitchen but will keep you healthy and trim with all the vegetables you will use as vehicles to get it in your mouth! Feel free to switch up the beans although you may need to add less […]

Zahatar Hummus for Every Cooking Personality Type

  Hi everyone! As many of you know, I went to Israel over Thanksgiving and I still am in withdrawal from the delicious hummus I ate there every day. Whether you are a perfectionist cook, a conflicted cook, a distracted cook or a carefree cook, this recipe is for you! Carefree cooks, I recommend you […]

Lima Bean Dip, Fancy Food Show Recap and GAY PRIDE in New York, YO!

Hi everyone! This blog post was going to be all about how I went to the 2015 Fancy Food Show at the Javitz Center in Manhattan with my friend Julie, how I met Bon Jovi’s  brother and father who now sells pasta sauce, how I met  Mary of Mary’s Gone Gluten Free Crackers (it felt […]

TBK Passover Workshop-Sign Up NOW! and SPICY Pineapple Salsa

Hi everyone! Guess what? This is a salsa you can have on Passover which is coming up (and if you care). If you do celebrate the holiday, please sign up for my Passover Workshop: Sunday, April 6th 11-1:30 Montclair, NJ-email me for location $60.00 Please email me ASAP as spots are almost filled! Bring a […]

Garlic Ramp Pesto with Tortellini

Hi everyone! I am sooo loving this warm weather! I also love going to get fresh vegetables to prepare large dishes for warm weather BBQs. Sometimes having a special ingredient like garlic ramps can help get us inspired to make something deliGcious and easy. Enjoy! Garlic Ramp Pesto: 1 cup garlic scapes 1 cup grated […]

Quinoa with Pineapple Salsa and Get Fit With Me and Punkrope!

Hi everyone! Fall is approaching which means I can get back to the gym!! I keep forgetting to tell you that I have worked out three times a week, without missing a week, since January 1st. I have also been unable to go to the gym all summer, so how is it possible that I […]