Yogurt Onion Dip and Coping with Death -But in a Good Way

Hi everyone. As promised, I am posing above as a hippie, not a dismissive term when I use it, although I do believe I am more of a “bobo”, as one anonymous commentor wrote. Thank you all for your great comments!

Now to my subject of the day-death, but not a depressing post so don’t worry. I wrote a Mother praising themed blog post for momasphere.com about how my mother influenced my life and my cooking interests: http://www.momasphere.com/mymotherswork-alma-schneider/2010/5/8/everything-in-moderation-wise-words-from-my-mother-who-excel.html

Writing the post was very emotional for me and reminded me of how much I miss her. Although she is no longer with us, her spirit lives on in her 7 kids, my siblings. It is a tribute to her that we all still gather for special events, like our yearly Mother’s day/ four May birthdays extravaganza at my sister Maria’s house in Brooklyn.

Like many families, when the Matriarch passes, someone fills the vacuum, so to speak. I’m the Suburban vacuum filler and Maria is the urban one. Of course, food is a big part of all our family events and Maria and her husband Roger are always generous with the Brooklyn brownstone BBQ’s and the healthy side dishes.

We all try to help by bringing a little something to add to the feast. This year, I brought Greek yogurt onion dip. Where did I get the full fat yogurt to make the dip? Well, if you read my husband’s mother’s Day post, you’d know! http://takebackthekitchen.blogspot.com/2010/05/mothers-day-blog-post-by-brian-husband.html

Anyhoo, it is so important to be able to contribute to a family event which may be one of your incentives to learning how to make the time to learn new and easy recipes. It is like being “part of the club” as one of my client’s so aptly put it. This dish is easy enough to be your first dip.

Yogurt onion Dip:

2 cups Full fat Greek yogurt that your husband might have bought for you as a treat but that you would NEVER eat because it has so much fat in it but it is really good (feel free to use fat free Greek Yogurt , Fage brand, like me)

dehydrated onion flakes, start with 2 TBS and add more as necessary-can get at most supermarkets and Costco

dash of black pepper

Combine all ingredients and let chill for at least 1/2 hour so onion flakes start to get soft. serve with chips of any kind, carrots, celery or as a sandwich spread

P.S.Here’s my community plug:Please support a school in Africa in memory of our beloved school teacher, Mr. Elder. More deets here:

P.P.S. They are making a movie out of Henrietta lacks-an amazing book I just read! I am so excited! Read about it here:

P.P.S.Oh, yeah, I’m interviewed on momlogic this week too!!: http://www.momlogic.com/2010/05/this_mama_takes_back_the_kitch.php


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  1. This is another great, healthy and simple recipe. I served the dip this afternoon with pretzel rods and rice chips. "What is this dip?" my son aske. "Oh, onion dip." I didn't mention the yogurt.

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