Two HOT Dishes! Fifty Shades of Grey and Thai Pineapple Salsa

Hi everyone!   You know when something is in your world and then your ears perk up when someone mentions something about it so that it seems like everyone is talking about it?
Yes, I’m talking about Fifty Shades of Grey.
I have heard that book clubs around America are experiencing challenges because some of the participants refuse to read the assigned book- in protest.
I have also heard that it is one of the most downloaded books on Kindle because people are embarrassed to have others see the book while they are commuting or in public places.
Why are we, as a culture, so put off by fear, embarrassment and potential judgment by others?
I believe (imagine me standing on a soapbox) that EVERY experience has merit, whether it be reading a very poorly written book that discusses pornography and manipulation,  or venturing out of your food comfort zone by cooking or tasting something new. You may not like it but you’ll never know unless you push aside the obstacles keeping you from trying it.
You may just like it. Would that be a problem?  If so, comment here and we can discuss. I’m here for you.
I made this Thai Pineapple Salsa for my book club tonight. It , too, is spicy. Will they be able to handle it? I hope so. I  even threw in a bit of chopped cabbage to mix it up a bit-I know, I’M CRAZY!!!!!!
I know, you probably want to be a fly on the wall to hear our discussion about Fifty Shades but I fear I will be the only one who read it so we won’t be able to discuss!
Enjoy and try them both 🙂
P.S. I suggest if they make this into a movie that Jon Hamm and I play the leads.
Thai Pineapple Salsa
1 cup pineapple, small dice
2 minced scallions, green and white
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
juice of 2 limes
3/4 tsp minced fresh ginger
3 tiny minced Thai peppers or one-two minced jalapeno peppers
salt and a touch of agave syrup or sugar to taste
(add in a bit of chopped cabbage if you want to make it into a slaw)
Combine all ingredients and chill

5 Responses

  1. I am 15 pages from finishing 50 shades of grey and am unhappy it will soon be over! Yes, I have hidden the cover as I read it in public but mostly because I was around my teenage daughter and her friends. Boy did I enjoy it. … it hot in here? Can someone turn on a fan?

  2. Madame X, you seem like a very open reader! I am glad you enjoyed Christian Grey and his adventures :-)!

  3. I believe your page has THREE hot dishes on it! 😉 Seems to me that women need to stop judging other women – the world does that enough for us.

  4. 50 shades is not the first erotic novel, nor the best. As with anything, it is up to your perception of what holds your interest. Just like a new recipe, a novel (even if poorly written) is what you make it. If you loved it, awesome, if not, you can snarkily refer to it as ’50 shades of meh’ as i overheard on the street 🙂 either way, broadening horizons in the kitchen, library or bedroom is whatever you make of it 🙂

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