Egg Strata Muffins and Let My Videos Help You Prepare For the Holiday!

Hi everyone! I have a special treat for you today, my new and healthy egg strata muffins that will allow you to use up old bread while making use of stuff you already have in the fridge like eggs, leftover vegetables and milk. You can make this for breakfast or even as part of your […]

Gluten Free Crepes and Inclusion is Possible!

Hi everyone! I have been noticing how many people have sensitivities to certain food groups these days. It might seem overwhelming to accommodate all of our guests this holiday season who need to steer clear of nuts or gluten, for example. We want everyone to feel welcome and included but we may not know how. […]

Flax Seed YET Delicious Pancakes and Happy to Be Archaic!

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! In the summer, I like to make fancy breakfasts for my kids, even on the weekdays, but I don’t want them all to be sugary cereals or empty calorie pancakes. For this reason I have the following flax seed-wheat germ pancake recipe below. My kids feel nurtured and loved but […]

Yogurt Parfait, the No Brainer Breakfast

Hi everyone! All of a sudden, my daughter wants yogurt Parfaits for breakfast. How coincidental since I just arranged for Fresh Direct to come to our school to provide a healthy nutrition workshop where they featured yogurt parfaits. A make-it-yourself- yogurt -parfait can help encourage kids to feel like they are a part of the […]

Creamy Chive Eggs with Garlic, Not Pot!

Hi everyone. So, many of you know that we have breakfast for dinner night once a week. I love making eggs because everyone likes them, no whining and they are E-A-S-Y! I decided to head out to my herb garden and do what my mom did at our little summer cabin; pull out some chives […]

Dinner Breakfast Pizza and I am Still Hot!

Hi everyone. First off, thank you to all who donated baked goods for the bakesale benefiting kids in group homes so that they may receive birthday gift cards. We are up to 88 kids who will be getting $30.00 gift cards for their birthdays when they would otherwise receive nothing. Great work and only 312 […]

Before School Oatmeal and Jon Hamm or Hip Hop Class? Help!!!!

Hi everyone. First off, if you would like to bake for a bakesale this Sunday, Sept. 19th,to raise money for birthday gift cards for kids in Essex County group homes, email me at Well, what a morning. My sister Peggy called at the throws of early morning chaos to tell me that Jon Hamm […]

Breakfast Pizza and Shaun Cassidy

Hi everyone. This is a teeny photo (sorry, my husband is not here to help me make it bigger), but if you look closely, it is of Stephanie Dolgoff and Alma Schneider heading off on the train to the Shaun Cassidy concert at the Nassau Colliseum in, I believe, 1978. I was reminded of this […]

Shrimp Omelet and Farewell to My Chinese Boys :-(

Hi everyone. Now I know why I am reluctant to get a pet-you get attached and then they die…or leave as in the case of my Chinese students (not to compare them to pets). We bid farewell to our 16 year old Chinese boys this morning and we are all saddened by their departure. Sure, […]