Dinner Breakfast Pizza and I am Still Hot!

Hi everyone. First off, thank you to all who donated baked goods for the bakesale benefiting kids in group homes so that they may receive birthday gift cards. We are up to 88 kids who will be getting $30.00 gift cards for their birthdays when they would otherwise receive nothing. Great work and only 312 left to go. Stay tuned for more fundraising opportunities and email me if you would like to donate $$$ to the cause. P.S. A special thanks to Ulrike for helping me woman the stand!

Well, because of the start of school, I have been quite exhausted being the work at home mom of four, formerly hot woman that I am. Sometimes it is not easy being me, advocating for services in the school , getting my husband to make the lunches healthy, and, oh, being Formerly hot.

Why do I keep speaking about being Formerly Hot? Because Stephanie Dolgoff who wrote a book by the same name will be doing a reading in our town of Montclair from 7-9 this Wed. night, Sept. 22nd. She will be discussing how women of our age, just the other side of young, feel about not being as relevant to marketers anymore, how our skin is not quite as supple anymore, and how we may not get checked out on the subway that often, or EVER!

I can relate to quite a bit of what she writes about, especially about the positives of aging, like gaining more confidence in who we are as we age. When I was 20, I could never brag about my awesome Thai curry because it wasn’t awesome. I practiced a lot and now I have confidence. By the way, have I told you my Thai curry is awesome?

I may not look like I did when I was 20 (which is why I keep a photo of me in a bikini with a flat stomach on my mantle so I can reminisce and PROVE to people that I , too, was hot), but the truth is, I am still hot because I can burn it up en la cocina.

Make my easy pizza dough breakfast for dinner pizza and you, too, may not care about aging because you will simply be happy that your kids think you are the greates gift to them. This is even easier than my other breakfast pizza becaue you can buy raw pizza dough from a pizzeria!!!I made this for breakfast for dinner night and invited a playdate who LOVED it!

Breakfast For Dinner Pizza:

Buy a ready made raw pizza dough at a pizzeria, I bought mine at our local Enzo’s
4 fried eggs
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
optional cooked Canadian bacon or turkey bacon, chopped

Roll out the raw dough to your size-liking and place on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper
Put in a preheated 500 degree oven and bake for about 15-20 minutes, depending on the thickness-keep checking it until it is slightly brown

While dough is cooking, make 4 fried eggs and set aside

Remove dough from oven, sprinkle the cheese on it so it melts (put back in oven for one minute to melt)

Add fried eggs and any vegetables or other cheeses, chopped basil or cooked meat of some sort. Yum.


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