Creamy Chive Eggs with Garlic, Not Pot!

Hi everyone. So, many of you know that we have breakfast for dinner night once a week. I love making eggs because everyone likes them, no whining and they are E-A-S-Y!

I decided to head out to my herb garden and do what my mom did at our little summer cabin; pull out some chives from the ground and chop them up for my eggs.

Well, much to my surprise, my chives made my eggs taste a bit like they had grass in them. I went outside and realized I might have pulled up weeds by accident. I posted the question on facebook: How does one tell the difference between chives and weeds and you can only imagine the responses I got. I do love my facebook friends’ pot humor.

Anyhow, I decided to ask my neighbor who is an accomplished gardener and she determined that , by accident, the “chives” I had used were onion grass. Still edible but not as good. I tried the chives the next time.

That’s my little Suburban story and I hope you enjoyed it. Can you guess which photo is the REAL chives?? Let me know!

Creamy Garlic and Chive Scrambled Eggs

2 beaten eggs
2 tsp minced chives
2 crushed garlic cloves
pinch salt
1TBS milk
2 tsp cream cheese

Heat up a little butter in a frying pan. Mix eggs and milk. Add in garlic, salt, chopped chives and add to the pan when butter has melted.
Cook the eggs very slowly, stirring all the while and when they are still a tad runny, add the cream cheese and cover for a minute, just so the cream cheese melts.
Serve with some nice multigrain toast.


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  1. I would guess the lower picture, #2 was the chive plant – more tubular in shape if I do remember Mom's patch at the cabin. Now do I get an oxo can opener or mandolin or sumpin sumpin?
    Chive eggs in bed at least?


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