Hilda’s Kreplach Recipe For the Jewish Holidays

Hi everyone!

As the Jewish New Year approaches this weekend, many folks are preparing for a delicious meal. In addition, there will be a break fast for Yom Kippur next week where guests will be hungry after fasting all day.

I posted last year about my friend Hilda who had a four generation dumpling or Kreplach making party up until last year when her aunt passed away.

Hilda still has a three generation kreplach making extravaganza at her house each year and all the kiddies get to participate.

Seriously, what better way to bring the joy of cooking and instill wonderful cooking family memories?

I’m verklempt!

Here’s the link to the Kreplach recipe again and have a peaceful week, filled with good food, family and friends.


What family recipes have your relatives passed down for the Holidays?








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