I Now Have Dual Citizenship-Jersey and NY! My Adult School Class Tonight Reminder!!

Hi everyone! I used to say I was from NY and that I live in NJ but after experiencing the good heartedness of my fellow Jerseyians during this hurricane Sandy, I think I will now request Dual citizenship from…who do I ask for that?

NJ is awesome and I am proud to live here.

One of the best things about NJ is the Montclair Adult School classes. Just a reminder, please attend my workshop tonight at the Montclair Adult School TONIGHT where you will learn how to make (and you’ll taste) some easy, healthy alternatives to fast food for your kids. Learn menu strategies and  have a great time. I’ll be there!!! There are still a few slots and here are the deets:


Montclair High School

100 Chestnut Street, Montclair, 07042




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