The Importance of Keeping Meal Routines after Hurricane Sandy

Hi everyone!  The challenges after Hurricane Sandy continue and as sad as we are to say goodbye to the family we have been hosting, we are so happy that they now have power!

In a crisis it is always important to keep as many routines as possible, especially the fun ones for the kids, which is why we had “make your own pizza night ” last night. Yes, we usually do it on Fridays but we thought we would do it last night as a treat since we were all losing steam.

Everyone, especially the parents, loved it and we had some real winning pizza slices since we added some Kielbasa I bought at the farmer’s Market. We also accompanied the pizza with a swiss chard salad with beets, pecans and goat cheese-recipe to come.  Thanks for the chard, Susan Irby! Yum!!!

As always, when everyone participates in the making of a meal, it is more fun , everyone eats less than they normally would  since all their senses are stimulated and we keep it wholesome. No Pizza Hut additives here!

We hope you are safe and sound and that you are finding the resources you need. If you are struggling with post Hurricane challenges,, go to your local news websites to find where you can receive Hurricane relief  assistance.



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  1. Perhaps the best part of having friends stay with us until their power and heat returned was having all of us sit down to a hot family meal, and enjoying good company and conversation. Of course, it also helps to have another whole family helping with the cleanup & tablesetting.

  2. So true, CV. The helping out was truly appreciated and it was like living on a commune. It also felt like having a bed and breakfast which I LOVED :-).

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