Jackfruit “Tuna” Salad

Hello everyone, Well, I finally used the can of jackfruit I got at Trader Joe’s after I ate it at the Kripalu yoga retreat. It has a meaty texture, is healthy, and is canned which I love. I googled how to use it and saw that you can use it for mock tuna salad. I […]

Mimi’s Banana Bread

Hi everyone! I just got back from Rhode Island where I got to have my yearly visit with my friend Deb from graduate school. She travels across the state to see me and it’s always a treat to catch up on the year. It’s even more of a treat to pick up right from where […]

Easy Shrimp Stew

Hi everyone! I’ve been providing cooking lessons for the last 6 months with someone in the City who has not had an opportunity to cook his whole life. Why? Because he was wrongly incarcerated for 30 years. Yes, you heard me, 30 years. Thanks to the Innocence Project,  he now has an opportunity to live […]

Cabot Cheese Quiche-OMG!

Hi everyone! I attended a great event in the City that was all about cheese. Cabot cheese in particular. I’m not going to lie, they fed us like queens and had us prepare many dishes with their wide variety of delicious cheeses. The focus of the event was right up my alley, helping parents make […]

I’m in the Wall Street Journal-Front Digital Page no less!

Hi everyone! Yes, I am on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on line and I’m even in the hard copy! I was interviewed about the irony that I am a therapist and cooking coach, eat very well, exercise, am thin and am still diagnosed with pre diabetes. The belief by some is […]

Sun dried Tomato Strata for the Creative Cooking Personality!

Hi everyone! Every Friday I make a different kind of strata, a.k.a. egg casserole, for the special needs parenting group I I host. I made this simple one a few months back with some leftover mashed potatoes that were looking for a home. It gave the strata a nice creaminess. This dish may be especially […]

Pumpkin Date Muffins and Is Not Having Cooking Skills a Special Need?

Hi everyone! Before I get to the muffins, I wanted to talk about something interesting. With all of my years helping struggling individuals get to where they need to be in the kitchen, I have seen many parallels to my son and his special needs. Am I saying some novice chefs have special needs? Maybe. […]

Recipes for Week 4 of the Whole Life Challenge and Being Helpful!

Hi everyone! We are entering our 4th week of the Whole Life Challenge and I hope it is going well for those of you on it. Please remember to save the date , February 19th, Thursday, for our WLC potluck from 6-9. Location TBD. If you are not losing as much weight as you like, […]

The TBK Aprons Are Finally Here To Order!! Hilda’s Turkey Meat Sauce

Hi everyone!! Exciting news! The Take Back the Kitchen Aprons are finally available and just in time for your holiday shopping! Just as we need the proper uniform/attire to take on any and every task seriously, we need aprons if we are to look and feel the part of the best cook we can be. […]