Indian Inspired Eggplant

There’s a mobile produce truck that stops at different places in my town. I finally made it to one of the stops last week and picked up some tomatoes and eggplant. They came in pretty handy when I needed to make a side dish for my sister’s Roshashanah dinner. Sadly not everyone likes nightshades but a few people loved the dish I made. When I asked if my sister’s family wanted to keep the leftovers, there was a polite, “You can bring it home”. To add insult to injury, my husband left the leftovers in the car for two days when he hadtold me he was bringing it inside. I tossed it in the garbage today when I found it.
Now, all of this woe may deter you from trying this recipe but please don’t let it! It’s actually pretty good and you can spice it up however you see fit.
Indian Inspired Eggplant with Tomatoes:

1 large eggplant

6 plum tomatoes

1 large onion

6 cloves garlic

2 Tbs ghee, butter or olive oil

1/3 cup currants or chopped raisins

Salt and pepper to taste


Chop the onions and mince the garlic. Set aside.

In a large pot over low flame, heat up the ghee, butter or olive oil and caramelize the onions and garlic until translucent, about 15 minutes.

While the onions are cooking, chop the tomatoes and eggplant.

Add the tomatoes and eggplant to the onions and garlic and stir  over low flame.

Cover the mixture, stir often and remove from the stove once the eggplant is tender, about 15 minutes.

Add currants, season with salt and pepper and serve hot, or at room temperature.


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