Prioritizing When You Have Little Time and My Today Show Clip!

Hi everyone! Well, I did not get to expound on the virtues of stocking your fridge , freezer and pantry as much as I would have liked on The Today Show, but I did try to prioritize the info that I wanted to make sure that I got across.

Cooking is a learned skill, it is not innate. We must forgive ourselves and be patient with ourselves if cooking doesn’t feel comfortable or natural at first-it takes time and we must build our confidence.

I wanted to make sure you got the final recipe as well as the other two that I mentioned on the show that will make quick dinners easy if we stock properly.

What do you want to make a priority in your kitchen?

Here is the clip and the recipes can be found on the NBC site as well as the video. Enjoy and thank you to Karen Merz and Joannne LaMarca for getting me on the show!

P.S. Feel free to comment on the NBC site after my video if you would like to see me on the show again :-)))))))))))

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