Making Healthy Green Shakes with Kids? Experiment!

Hi everyone!
Everyone talks about their green shake recipe and how great it tastes but one man’s green shake treasure may be another one’s green shake garbage.

This is why I had the kids in my cooking day camp experiment until they all liked the taste.

We need to validate kids and let them know we are listening in life as well as in the kitchen.

Check out our video for Johnson and Johnson’s health channel and see if you like our shake.

What’s your favorite green shake recipe? Please share!



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  1. I love the green shakes & add all kinds of frozen fruits including blueberries and peaches. The new site is beautiful!

  2. I think this is a great article you posted! It’s very beneficial and helping to the readers. You’ve given some ideas for homemade healthy drinks for me. I myself am into health & fitness, have you heard of Shakeology? It contains over 70 whole ingredients in one serving glass. Its pretty amazing and I take it everyday. Visit my link to learn more!
    Coach Lloyd

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