Creating Family Meal Memories with Popovers

Hi everyone!  I just found this old photo of my kids. Time truly does fly.

For myself and many I know, we all start with good intentions to create happy, family memories, especially around the table. It’s not always so easy, as life gets in the way.

So how do we make it happen? How do we make sure that we are getting some of that good stuff in before the kids get to the age where they are never home for dinner?

How about a weekly family dinner where everyone participates so the prep work is social time?

How about a family breakfast with tasty food if dinnertime together is not an option?

What are your tricks to assure that a family meal will happen?

If breakfast together is your strategy, add these easy and special popovers to the mix. You’ll be shocked at their elegance and simplicity. Check out how they came out for me on my TBK facebook page.


1 cup flour

2 eggs

1 cup milk

pinch of salt
Blend in a food processor or Kitchen Aid for a minute
Grease  6 -8 cupcake tins or ramekins (depending on how big you want them) , pour them in and bake at 450 degrees for about 25 minutes. Yum!



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  1. Alma-
    Loving the popover post. It was and is a Christmas morning tradition for me, three generations strong-grandmother, mother, and now Lexie continues it. Even when they collapse they retain their fluffy, eggy charm. I like mine with heart-endangering amounts of real butter. Slather that popover, baby!


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