Healthy School Lunch #3 -Easy Dumplings and Cool Chopsticks

Hi everyone! Welcome to Healthy School Lunch Posts where we are sharing YOUR suggestions on how to get your kids to actually eat a healthy lunch at school from home.

Today, we bring you Sugar Loaf Junction , a smart and sassy 12 year old who LOVES eating leftovers for lunch.  One of her favorites is dumplings with chicken and rice filling.

Simply take equal parts of leftover chicken and rice, puree them in a food processor and wrap about a tsp of the mixture  in store bought dumpling wrappers. Wrap like little packages folding over one side and then the other. Steam them and then pan fry them. Keep in a thermos to keep warm .Have a dipping sauce of soy sauce or ketchup if you like.

It’s great to have kids participate in the making of their lunch so they can “own” it.

Having small  tupperware helps but chopsticks make this lunch cool and fun. Tweens want a cool looking lunch that their peers will envy!

What are your kids eating for lunch? Please send us your suggestions and a photo!

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