Healthy School Lunch #4 with Perla’s Coconut Lime Shrimp

Hi everyone and welcome to another post giving you siggestions on what to feed your kids at school that they will actually eat!

This comes from Perla, a reader with 3 kids including a newborn!

I make my coconut, lime shrimp and broccoli. I buy the marinade at Wholefoods. I cook peeled and deveined shrimp and broccoli in the marinade and serve with white, long grain rice. It’s a little sweet, tangy and spicy. Plus, super easy! 

I also make spinach and mozzarella quesadilla I make often. I cook frozen spinach, lay over wheat tortilla, and top with mozzarella. If I have more time, I cook the spinach with fresh garlic and portobello mushrooms. 

If my kids were eating both of these lunches in school, I would probably heat them in the AM. And put them in a thermos. 

The take-a-away here is that Perla makes use of healthy prepared and  fresh foods to make her life easier. She also uses my all time favorite frozen spinach to get those greens in in an easy and efficient manner.

Go, Perla!

Please keep sending in these great ideas-we all need them!


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  1. From Perla: It’s called “Coconut Lime Marinade” it’s made by Cindy’s Kitchen but has the Whole Foods label on the front. At most stores you can find the marinades in the Fish department. We also like Garlic & Ginger Marinade.

    Cindy’s kitchen is a small company based in Brockton, MA. Check out the video on their “About Us” page. I found it inspiring and touching. You can also check out other marinades, dressings and dips.

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