Healthy Lunches -TBK Needs Your Help!!!!

Hi everyone!

Now that  school has started, you may be REALLY frustrated that your kids may not be eating what you packed for lunch. It may be time for some fresh ideas.

Here is an article about school lunches that I wrote for CBS  and here is one with Karen Diaz of the Montclair Times with many suggestions to make the job less hellish for you.

Truth be told, I can’t stand making my kids’ lunches so my husband does it 🙂

Here are some questions to ponder:

Who makes your kids’ lunches  and is this working for you?

Why do you hate making lunches?

Why do you love making lunches?

What are your short cuts and strategies?

We want to hear from YOU!

I am looking to all of you to submit your kids’ favorite lunches that they will actually eat at school.

Email them to me, preferably with a photo, to

Thank you!



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  1. A big fave in our house, believe it or not, is a veggie pattie, cooked and cut up, in a thermos, with a side of cheese cubes, some crackers and a yogurt. It’s the one thing, besides sunbutter and jelly sandwiches, that I am guaranteed they totally finish!

  2. I make school lunches and although I love food, I don’t relish the job all. I think it is the fact I have to be quick. I have started washing fruit and veg the night before to save precious minutes, and it makes it less of a chore.
    We have started a lunch potluck on Barista Kids Facebook page to share some ideas in our community

  3. I make sticky rice in a rice steamer the night before to cook and be done in time for wake-up the next morning (thank you ki) I put in a package of Trader Joes seaweed and a travel pack of tamari sauce, two Udi’s gluten free brownie bites and some carrots…

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