Healthy Kid School Lunch #11 -Minnesota Style!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our latest post  from TBK readers on their go-to healthy lunches for school. This piece is from a Minnesota Renaissance woman, Katie Sterns, mom of three hungry boys. She knows a thing or two about healthy eating (I know because she has been sharing her fab recipes with me since our early twenties in College!)

My take-away from her post is that she does not dismiss the notion of unhealthy  lunchables, she modifies the concept to please her kids AND make sure they are properly fed:

Homemade “Lunchables”… I don’t know why but my son loves those essemble-it-yourself pre-packaged lunches.  As a healthier alternative I make a homemade “lunchable”  using ingredients such as nitrate-free deli meats, string cheese, and healthier alternative crackers (Trader Joes version of “Ritz”).  I also include raw veggies (e.g. Persian cucumbers, carrots, sugar snap peas, celery, pepper strips, etc.), and fresh fruit.  The “special treat” is usually include either greek yogurt and/or a healthy fiber bar (again Trader Joes has a good one without too much sugar and lots of fiber).  I package this in a plastic, reusable container that is divided (ziplock makes them).  This kind of mimics the “lunchables” packaging which I think is part of the appeal.

Burritos and Quesadillas are also a big hit… bean, cheese, meat, rice, salsa, etc.  Cook all and wrap in aluminum foil … this is popular too.

Thanks, Katie!

What are your school lunches? Please send them to me with a photo. We need your help!


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