Easy Oreo Ice Cream “Pizza” Cake and Tips on an Easy Kid’s Birthday Party…

Hi everybody. This photo shows my 7 year old with his buddy at his ca-razy costume birthday party. We had 21 kids dressed in costumes, climbing all over the furniture and having a blast.

Glutton for punishment, you might say? Well, yes and no. You see, it was an insane two hours of party but the prep was minimal. I planned the party to be from 2-4 to avoid having to serve a meal 🙂 and I made a cake that took about 5 minutes but was the hit of the party (or was it the kickin’ it old school game of hot potato?).

This “Pizza” cake we made has been in the works for months now. We saw an expensive variation of it being sold in Rhode Island this summer and we knew we could create one ourselves. Since then, we have been discussing how ours would be made and served at his party. He was so excited to make it and all the kids LOVED it. You can make all sorts of variations but this is what we did. have fun!:
P.S. Sorry to all his friends that I invited at the last minute because I forgot (I have no brain cells left :-(…

Easy Oreo Pizza Cake:

1 box Newmann’s own oreo type sandwich cookies
1/2 gallon Vanilla ice cream (or any other flavor you like
small Swedish fish gummy candies-desired amount

Remove ice cream from the freezer to defrost

Put oreo cookies in a big plastic or paper bag. Crush with a can or rolling pin (or have your kids step on it like I did)

Place cookie crumbs on the bottom of a pie plate. There will be an excess so set aside in a bowl for later use as the topping.

Take softened ice cream (place in microwave for a few seconds to melt a little if need be so you can work with it) and spread it over the cookie crumbs until it reaches the top of the pie plate. Spread with a knife like frosting to make it smooth and flat on the top.

Put back in the freezer until full frozen, at least 1/2 hour.

When ready to serve, cut into triangles like a pizza and serve with bowls of sprinkles (Parmesan Cheese), Swedish fish (Anchovies) and oreo crumbs (Just Oreo crumbs-they taste good!)


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