Awesome Ed Carine’s Chicken Salad

Hello everyone, Oh, this weekend was amazing! We had our annual Parents Who Rock backyard fundraiser and the performers were so talented and generous with their time. We raised funds and awareness for KIND, Kids In Need of Defense. Check them out and feel free to contact me to donate if you were unable to […]

Jackfruit “Tuna” Salad

Hello everyone, Well, I finally used the can of jackfruit I got at Trader Joe’s after I ate it at the Kripalu yoga retreat. It has a meaty texture, is healthy, and is canned which I love. I googled how to use it and saw that you can use it for mock tuna salad. I […]

Curried Chicken with Zucchini

Hello everyone, Yesterday, my husband texted me a photo of the NY Times recipe from the Wednesday Dining edition. It was a simple curried chicken dish for which I had most of the ingredients. On my way home from dropping my son at camp, I decided to stop by the supermarket, pick up the remaining […]

Easy Shrimp Stew

Hi everyone! I’ve been providing cooking lessons for the last 6 months with someone in the City who has not had an opportunity to cook his whole life. Why? Because he was wrongly incarcerated for 30 years. Yes, you heard me, 30 years. Thanks to the Innocence Project,  he now has an opportunity to live […]

Cottage Cheese Spinach Pie

Hi everyone! Yes, another spinach pie recipe that is only a few ingredients. I know you can do this so start squeezing that bag of spinach. You can do the onions and the spinach in stages. Enjoy :-). Cottage Cheese Spinach Pie: 2 Tbs butter, divided 1 lb frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry […]

Turkish Meatloaf

Hello everyone! I do wish that I could tell you that I created this crazy good meatloaf recipe but I can’t. My sister Maria passed it along from the NY Times and let me tell you, it is fantastic!I used dried herbs and it was still delicious but make sure that you use smaller amounts […]

Sex, Meatloaf and Rock n’Roll

Hi everyone! I recently met a really cool cookbook author, Gio Bellino, who is a woman after my own heart! She creates frozen seasoning mixtures to add to food for quick and healthy additions to her dishes. She now teaches people how to make them so that they can still make a homemade meal but […]

Don Goes From Zero to Hero with His Chicken and Broccoli

Hi everyone! As part of my desire to get REALLY fit this summer, I’m gaining inspiration from some fellow cooks. Talk about inspiration! This guy broke his neck and recovered, partially by cooking! Check it out: You do not need to break you neck to cook yummy food! Anything that you decide to do, make […]

Cabot Cheese Quiche-OMG!

Hi everyone! I attended a great event in the City that was all about cheese. Cabot cheese in particular. I’m not going to lie, they fed us like queens and had us prepare many dishes with their wide variety of delicious cheeses. The focus of the event was right up my alley, helping parents make […]

The Only “One” Shrimp and Sage Pasta

Hi everyone! I don’t know about you, but many people look down on leftover pasta. Actually, many people look down on leftovers PERIOD! I would like to change the perception of leftovers to an uber useful already prepped ingredient. For example, I use leftover pasta to create entirely new dishes, leaving no one the wiser […]