The End of the WLC -Or Just the Beginning???

Hi everyone! I know, my post title is DEEP! Is it really the end? We are finishing the Whole Life Challenge tomorrow and it is a tad bittersweet. Some of you have stayed compliant for the full 8 weeks, some decided not to finish early on,and some chose to do it in bits and pieces. No matter how you viewed the WLC, I imagine and hope you took something away that will endure for, if not a lifetime, a while.

I want to thank the community on the secret facebook page and in the streets, the supermarket, the private emails and the Take Back the Kitchen blog. We all appreciated the sharing of support and recipes and Patti Safian’s generous $5 yoga class that helped raise money for Prader Willi Research and support services. Again, a percentage of your registration fee was also donated to an organization that helps fund research and helps individuals with Prader Willi Syndrome-you all helped raise over $2,500,00.00 for people with my son’s syndrome and I am personally touched that we raised so much. Thank you!

We learned so much! How to make almond meal bread, date and coconut fudgesicles and a newly created fruit and nut bar with unsweetened cacao! (recipe coming soon!) from our WLC Pinterest board. We all learned from an inspiring and organized team member that mason jars are a great way to store food, that we can get in exercise, stretching AND meditation points if we take a yoga class 🙂 and that giving someone a compliment makes us feel good AND gives us points!

All 127 people learned that cheeses and gluten are good but we can live without them and we won’t perish.

Most of all, I learned that there are always new and fun people to meet, who can support us in making our lives healthier and more fulfilled. Thank you for the honor to be a part of your process.

Keep on holding yourself accountable and remember that the next challenge starts in May :-))))!

Have a great weekend and go eat some gluten, it’s OK!


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