Terriyaki Salmon, Chicken or Tofu and Taking Back the Japanese Restaurant…

Hi everyone. I think it is time to Take Back the Japanese Restaurant and start thinking about making our own condiments. There is no need to buy these jarred when they have all those additives. They are so simple and, once again, if you have the right ingredients, it will take just a few minutes. I suggest jarring these and leaving them in the fridge. You can simply marinate your protein (Tofu, fish, chicken, Beef, etc.)in it and then stirfry or bake/broil.

Terriyaki Sauce:
6 TBS sake (Japanese rice wine you can get in a liquor store)
6 TBS mirin (at Whole Foods or any Asian Food store)
6 TBS dark Soy sauce (dark soy sauce has molasses in it and is sold at Asian Food Markets)
1 TBS sugar

In a med. bowl, whisk together all ingredients. Put In a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Let simmer until sugar is dissolved. Be careful not to let the flame get too high because the wine can catch on fire. How do I know this? because it happened to me last week. I turned the flame off and quickly covered the flame with a hand towel that I dampened. My friend, Melissa, had sent me a forwarded email on what to do in a situation such as this and little did I know it would actually happen. Thanks, Melissa…


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