Spicy Agave Dressing and Spending More to Save More…

Hi everyone and please click on the title of this post to read more. So, I am happy to report that my good friend allowed me to pick up a Cuisinart Food Processor for her at Costco (they were on sale for $149.00-run, don’t walk!). It is a big financial commitment to make a purchase for anything these days, let alone an item that we may have no idea how to use and are intimidated by, so I am very proud of her.

Let’s be honest, how many of us dismiss a recipe when it looks truly appetizing because we are afraid of a food processor or afraid to pay for it? Please! Think about it as a financial and emotional investment in your home cooking career. Don’t you want to drive more when you have some smooth wheels? Don’t you feel like writing a letter when you have a great pen? We need to have comfortable and easy to use tools if we are to perform at our best.

So, you see, a food processor is crucial if we want to expedite the home cooking process. If we can whip up a meal or part of a meal with that kind of ease, speed, and reliable, predictable results we will be much more likely to be inspired to cook more and cook more varied dishes in the future. It may seem pricey, but it will pay for itself soon enough when we find ourselves saving all that cash on not ordering in. We are still reaping the benefits of the razor my husband purchased last year for the home-haircuts. See video below…

I would also like to quote my friend Leslie who said that her cooking life changed a couple months ago when she purchased a number of cast iron skillets and Dutch oven. I do believe she said she found herself “wanting to cook all the time because of the new found ease of it all”. See, I told you, everyone-it’s true!

Enjoy your new food processor, and although you don’t NEED it for the following healthy salad dressing, you will make it much quicker in your food processor. Agave syrup, by the way, is an all natural sweetener that comes from the cactus plant. It is better for you than pure sugar or even honey-lower glycemic index, so enjoy without the guilt.

Agave Dressing:

1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup white balsamic vinegar (whole Foods, Italian markets)
2 TBS agave syrup (Whole Foods, health food stores)
few drops of chili oil (can get at Whole Foods,Asian Supermarkets and most other supermarkets)
2 pinches kosher salt

Whisk up in a bowl with a fork or much quicker with a food processor until completely combined. Use as a salad dressing, a sauce for a rice or quinoa pilaf, a glaze for meat or fish or chug it straight from your tupperware 😉



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  1. My husband cuts both his & my son's hair at home & has saved alot of money over the last few years despite the butcher job he does. also, i tried the cilantro in my tuna yesterday & loved it. can't get enough cilantro.

  2. My father cut mine and my brothers’ hair with an electric clipper and it was a little traumatizing. But he never gave us Twinkies afterwards, that might have made all the difference 🙂

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