Pimento Cheese and My INSANE Week !

Dag! I’ve got a LOT going on this week!
Yesterday I served green shakes to some very pleasantly surprised teens at the Brick City school in Newark. Yes, they DID put down the Doritos and were glad they did!
Tomorrow: I am performing at the Nishuane Hillside Fireball fundraiser singing a full set with my fab band, the No Rehearsals (picture above.)
This week I have also been working on starting my very first vegetable garden with Master gardener, Sarah Vogel and I will keep you posted on our progress! Check out her gorgeous website: http://svldnj.com/index.html
Monday is Passover in Brooklyn at my sister’s and Tuesday I am hosting so I need to get to work! Fortunately, I have already frozen some of my food items so I will not be so stressed out the day of.

Below is a link to Leslie Rosenthal’s blog about how to serve your dishes on Passover-very useful!


I need to run, so here’s a quick recipe for you of homemade Pimento cheese, you know, the stuff that you can buy as processed “cheese food” but can actually make yourself without the chemicals:

Pimento Cheese:
1.5 cup monterey jack
1 cup sharp cheddar
2.5 TBS pimentos (come in small jars at any supermarket-diced roasted red peppers)
1/2 cup mayo
1 tsp grated onion
2 TBS cream cheese
Ground pepper

Puree until creamy


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