Mango Spinach Smoothie and Overcome Your Vegetable Gardening With Sarah Vogel!!


Hi everyone! I spent the afternoon with my friend and landscape designer, Sara Vogel After being VERY patient with my VERY basic questions about the seeds we were planting and how to space the carrots in the pot, we decided that she would come back on Saturday to help so the kids could be a part of the planting of my vegetable garden. Me, Alma Schneider, Manhattan born and raised, will soon have a vegetable garden where I will be able to eat the food I am growing!

I won’t believe it until it is true but with her guidance, I think it is actually already happening. I mean, I have already been inspired to replant my herb garden that my friend Leslie created for me last year for my birthday. She showed me how to plant it with her excellent modeling and it allowed me to feel comfortable enough to take it on myself this year. I am in a planting frenzy!

Quick, contact Sarah now so you can overcome your planting obstacles!

Although you cannot grow mangoes in our climate, you can buy them and add them to lettuce in your garden or some other leafy green. This shake is delicious. Take it from Nicky Mesiah in the above video, our famous healthy baker who LOVED it! Check out her website and please try her healthy delicacies:

Mango Spinach Shake:
2-3 cups frozen packed spinach or dark leafy greens
one mango, peeled and chopped, frozen or not
1 banana, preferably frozen
4 cups water

Puree in a blender until smooth. yum!


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