Healthy School Lunch #9 with Lisa Davies’-She Really Mixes it Up!

Hi everyone and welcome to our next post on healthy lunch suggestions by our readers. Lisa Davies has some healthy and delicious lunches and makes the point that although she loves to cook, she doesn’t actually like making lunches! I like her varying proteins. Check out her really cool blog, too!

I make school lunches and although I love food, I don’t relish the job all. I think it is the fact I have to be quick. I have started washing fruit and veg the night before to save precious minutes, and it makes it less of a chore.
We have started a lunch potluck on Barista Kids Facebook page to share some ideas in our community

Here are some lunch photos you can use. With my girls, small quantities and variety work best – they are both 5.

So 2 photos attached –  lunch1 is tuna with some mayo, crackers, yoghurt, cucumber, tomatoes and some strawberries and nectarine. Child #1 has decided she no longer likes bread or pasta.
Lunch thursday is ham sandwich, cucumber, berries, carrots, tomatoes and dried cranberries. Thanks , Lisa!


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