Farro and Parmesan and Best Costco Buys

Hi everyone. I went to Costco today with my friend Christina, and we were discussing how you really need to know your prices when you shop there or you could pay MORE than a regular store! I thought I would list the best deals that I find there:

heavy cream
5 lb bag organic carrots
Big bag Craisins
Kirkland Brand Maple Syrup
Berrio brand Extra Virgen olive oil
All their nuts-pine nuts, pecans, cashews, walnuts
Organic Eggs
organic Milk
Kirkland brand butter
Goat Cheese and all other cheeses

Also, there is a great deal going on right now on Costco.com for a 14″ Rachel Ray Commercial Non-stick Pan for $29.99 with no shipping fee! My friend Julius told me about it and I was thrilled to order it and have it arrive just a few days later. It is a fantastic pan that is nice and big which may inspire one to cook large quantities of food to freeze. www.costco.com search for Rachael Ray pans.

So, here is a recipe for a very tasty dish I made today with my new favorite grain, farro. You can buy it at Whole Foods or in Italian stores. It is a grain like rice or risotto. I served it with a side of my edamame dip. I hope you like it…

Farro with Parmesan:

!/2 lb farro grain
5 peeled and tripped broccoli stalks, cut into 1/4″ disks (remember not to throw these parts of the broccoli out, especially if they are expensive organic ones!)
4 TBS grated parmesan cheese
3 TBS toasted pine nuts
2 TBS Olive Oil
salt and pepper to taste

Boil farro for 10 minutes and drain.
In a big pot or dutch oven, heat up olive oil over moderate heat. Add the broccoli and saute disks for about 5 minutes until tender. Add cooked farro and stir until coated with oil. Remove from pot and top with pine nuts and cheese. Salt and pepper to taste.


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  1. Costco can save you a lot of money on many more items than you list. The trick is go on a more or less regular basis until you become familiar with the store and what they offer. Although there are only two of us in our household, we save a significant amount of money on things like: dishwasher tabs; cold cereal (you must try the Kirkland raisin bran!); coffee; many produce items; hummus; cheese; chicken breasts; and I could go on forever. You should also check out their meat. I am a vegetarian, but my husband is not–and although I don’t eat it, I know how to tell quality. Their meat is unsurpassed as far as I’m concerned. My husband especially likes their pork chops. There are always surprises in non-food items, too. Keep going there, and really look at all the things they have. One of the best bargains is their rotisserie chicken. It’s nearly double the size of those found at grocery stores, and half the price. It is the #1 selling item at Costco nationwide! Each time we go there, I buy one for my mother, and it lasts her for a week of lunches and snacks. Be careful–Costco becomes a habit! But don’t dismiss either their quality or their prices.

  2. I was in Costco yesterday and am surprised they can call themselves a 'wholesaler'. There prices are, for the most part, the same as any store. There were some good prices, but nothing that beat a good sale price elsewhere. It's great for families, or bulk if you need it, but to call it a good value would be misleading.

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