Dates with Goat Cheese (and Bacon?) and Just Say “NO” to Seltzer

Hi everyone. How could I have not posted this recipe on my blog yet? My friend Meg turned me on to this one many years ago, although she added bacon and wrapped it around it.

As I don’t eat red meat, I make it with turkey bacon, tofu bacon or no bacon as all, as pictured above.
It is a really tasty recipe that will be a crowd pleaser. You can make it in advance, even freeze it for later use. I suggest making some vegetarian, some not to accommodate all guests.

Now you don’t have to bring the seltzer to your next pot luck!

Dates With Goat Cheese:

Pitted dates (or pit them yourselves but that is a pain in the butt)-however many you need to make-I made 50
goat cheese-1/2 lb more or less
bacon, turkey bacon or tofu bacon-about a lb of any bacon

Slit the dates, mush about a tsp goat cheese inside and push sides of dates together.
If you ar eusing bacon, slice the bacon in thirds, take one third and wrap it around the center of the dates, and place the date with the seam side down of the bacon
Bake at 400 degrees until the bacon is cooked through or the cheese starts to turn golden a bit, about 15-20 minutes.


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