Jackfruit “Tuna” Salad

Hello everyone, Well, I finally used the can of jackfruit I got at Trader Joe’s after I ate it at the Kripalu yoga retreat. It has a meaty texture, is healthy, and is canned which I love. I googled how to use it and saw that you can use it for mock tuna salad. I […]

Sweet and Spicy Baked Chicken Wings

Hello everyone, I know I am often viewed as the mother earth in the kitchen with my kids, teaching them to cook and bake on their own as I watch them with joy in my heart and a smile on my face as they learn to be independent in the kitchen. Don’t be fooled. I […]

Sauteed Snow Peas with Crumbled Feta

Hi everyone! I really don’t care for raw snow peas but LOVE them when they are cooked up with some nice olive oil. Here’s a recipe for every cooking personality type, as it simply requires fresh ingredients, a little sauteing and a little crumbling of creamy feta cheese. Distracted chefs may want to start off […]

Chick Pea Bread (Farinata, Socca)

Thanks to my sister Alice, I discovered this fantabulous recipe that is great for those who want a substantial bread-like substance without all the empty calories and carbs. This bread is made out of chick pea flour and is fun to make. It is a bit involved so read the recipe before making it. If […]

Quick Chinese Peanut Rice

Hi everyone! You all must know by now that I am constantly making use of leftover rice. We never know how many people will be eating at home so I make a lot of everything and just keep on storing those leftovers. For those of us who are very busy, not feeling very at ease […]

Celebrating MLK with Southern Food

Hi everyone, Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday and as such, I think it only fitting to supply you  with a Southern recipe since his favorite foods were Southern, specifically Fried chicken and pecan pie according to certain sources. MLK was my first hero. I remember feeling impassioned to “do” by his bravery and dedication […]

Asian Cole Slaw and The 5 Year Old Comic…

Hi everyone. Before I forget,from the last post, a reader asked how much my GPS cost: $159.00 from Costco. I even went on a highway by myself with it today and went to Target. What a thrill! I feel like the rest of the world. One more thing before I get to today’s recipe: We […]

Salmon with Mango Corn Salsa and Sorting Food and Laundry

Hi everyone. I know I keep talking about the laundry, but I really just can’t believe how much laundry I have to do every day. One of the worst parts about it is the frustration of sorting it into so many piles for every one in my family. I had an epiphany the other day: […]

Roast Chicken Salad with Pecans and the NOT Yet Trained Partner

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great Mother’s day and enjoyed Brian’s post on the blog. I received numerous emails telling me what a supportive and appreciative husband I have and I must say that I do. In my private sessions and workshop travels, I have encountered people who are not as fortunate; […]

Indian Sesame Chicken and Less T.V!

Hi everyone. I’m going to share a little something with you so please bear with me: I have been letting my kids watch way too much T.V. lately. I sort of fell into it because my babysitter left a few months ago and I really needed a T.V. babysitter, or so I thought, to keep […]