Are You There, Judy? It’s Me, Take Back the Kitchen….Judy Blume and Almond Butter with Date Toast

Hello everyone! As you know, I am a native Manhattanite. Growing up in the City (that would be NYC), I have had my fair share of celebrity sightings. Never have I been as star struck, however, as when I got to say hello and introduce my daughter (also a big fan) to Judy Blume herself. She spoke at the Montclair Film Festival because her son made a movie out of her book, Tiger Eyes.

If you have read anything by Judy Blume, you know that she was WAY ahead of her time regarding  openness about sexuality. She was/is a pioneer in discussing taboo subjects like when a girl first gets her menstrual period, loses her virginity, or when a boy  first has a nocturnal emission (that would be a wet dream for the lay people).

She is the consummate mother and I think we all thank her for what she has given our generation.

We need to communicate about all subjects, even uncomfortable ones, if we are to improve the quality of our lives. Feeling incompetent or insecure can lead to throwing our hands up in the air when what we really need to do is to work toward feeling more comfortable to succeed. In life and in the kitchen…

By the way, judging by her incredibly fit body at the age of 74, I imagine she is a very healthy eater. For this reason, I dedicate this healthy breakfast or lunch recipe to Judy Blume.

What’s YOUR favorite Judy Blume book? Mine is Starring Sally J. Friedman as Herself….

Also, please enjoy all of the links and videos below that I have recently written and performed in for CBS. You can get some GREAT ideas for Mother’s Day purchases.




Toast with Almond Butter and Dates:

Whole grain Bread (a lot of great fiber)
Almond butter (packed with calcium)
Soft, pitted date (calcium, iron, potassium)
Toast the bread, spread on the almond butter and smear a fresh date over it. Sprinkle a little salt if you like. Delicious and FAST!

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