Accidental S’mores with Chocolate and Almonds


Hi everyone! We have been visiting with our friends from Rhode Island and are very happy to tell you that with a little error of purchasing, we created a fantastic new recipe!  Our friends and I now realize that buying almond hershey Bars is NOT the end of the world but the inspiration for a new kind of s’more. Try this on a grill or even your stove top:

Chocolate Almond S’mores:


1 graham cracker broken in 1/2

1 marshmallow

1 inch piece of chocolate with almonds


Melt the marshmallow on the stick

Place the melted marshmallow on the 1/2 graham cracker

Add the piece of chocolate

Cover the chocolate with the other 1/2 of the graham cracker and press down

The chocolate should melt a little with the hot marshmallow

Eat and repeat!


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