WLC Schneider House Rules and Week Two Meal Suggestions

Hi everyone!
I am continuing with my posts about the Whole Life Challenge for the next eight weeks-it starts TOMORROW, January 17th!!! You can still read up on it and join our team, even until Jan. 25th if you are a week late. Read here for the link: Sign up for the WLC.

Even if you are not doing it, all my posts will be relevant for you and your good health so read on :-).

Please read all the info below.

First off, pat yourself on the back for joining the WLC!!! You may notbe compliant every day but each new day is a new start so pick yourself up and start again!

Perfect is the enemy of the good!!!!

Please watch ALL THE VIDEOS you have been sent by the WLC people. You will find all your info in these videos.

Please remember to log in for the previous day. That;s how the logging in works. That means you will record Saturday’s work outs, food, etc. on Sunday.

This blog is where you will get all your pertinent supplemental info from me, your captain. My blog posts will be supplemented by our private facebook page if you are registered, the leaderboard on the WLC site AND our new Pinterest page which is exclusively for WLC recipes for easy access. You do need to sign up for Pinterest to follow the boards and post recipes: WLC Pinterest Board

You’ve heard of the movie Cider House Rules? Well, because our WLC Team Take Back the Kitchen is over 100 people!, I felt we needed some “Schneider House Rules” (clever, no?).

First off, what is my role as your captain? My job is to provide a community for all of us to share our experience, hold a few events (like our potluck Feb. 19th in Montclair-save the date from 6:30-9-more details later), provide inspiration and information that is NOT provided by the WLC website. I am like a supplemental cheerleader without all the mean girl dynamics and bulging quad muscles. You can message me on facebook or email me and I will help you however I can outside of what the site offers.

So here goes: If you are on our team, you are added to our private facebook page where we share inspiration, vent and most importantly, recipes and tips to make the WLC doable. Because there are so many people, I must ask you to do two things:

#1: ALWAYS tag me if you have a question specifically for me on fb. There are just too many posts for me to read through.

#2: Please make sure you have looked for the information before asking me a question. The site is indeed a challenge to navigate at times but all your team info is there. If you CANNOT find the info you are looking for, then seek me out.

ABout the exercise piece: Some people are confused about what to do for this on the challenge. The site wants you to do something that you can measure. That simply means that if you now do 20 sit ups in 3 minutes, try to do 40 sit ups eventually in 3 minutes. The same goes for the elliptical with speed settings or running faster in the same amount of time that you are already doing it.

The site provides a WLC workout also. If you are local, I also recommend bootcamp with accelerate bootcamp in Montclair where Patsy Manning will give you 25% off for the 8 weeks if you are on our team. Contact her at manningpf@verizon.net

If you live in Montclair, Lululemon offers free yoga classes Saturday and Sunday mornings and Patti Safian is offering a $5.00 yoga class on Thursday mornings in Montclair for our team! Contact her at Pattisafian@gmail.com

You can also do the 7 minute workout app provided by the NY Times. Do it 2 or 3 times if you like. Very portable and it’s great if you are going away because you can do it in your hotel!

Here are some ingredient suggestions and where to get them, at least locally here in NJ:

Trader Joe’s:
almond flour (meal)
cashew flour (meal)
dried fruit , unsweetened
dried unsweetened shreddedcoconut
unsweetened Greek yogurt
almond milk -unsweetened
almond butter
peanut butter

Whole foods:
unsweetened cacao nibs
dried dates
compliant oils-avocado, grapeseed, coconut oil
coconut butter (in coconut and other oil section)
coconut milk in a can
coconut oil
brown rice cakes
frozen berries and frozen vegetables
almond milk unsweetened
unsweetened Greek yogurt
compliant hot sauces
almond butter
peanut butter
canned tomatoes
grass fed butter

Middle Eastern and Indian stores/supermarkets:
chick pea flour
avocado oil
olive oil
coconut milk
garbanzo beans
quinoa and other compliant grains and legumes like buck wheat, sprouted mung beans, brown rice
frozen fruit and vegetables
coconut oil

Aidell’s chicken sausage
proteins: fish, shellfish, chicken, beef, pork
brown rice
unsweetened dried fruit
almond butter
peanut butter

Now for the meal suggestions for the coming weeks!

Ancho Black Beans with Chicken

Ancho Black beans with Chicken and Rice
Lentil Kale Stew with Sausage
Chipotle Lentil Stew with Turkey Kielbasa-or other compliant sausage
Swiss Chard and Sausage Stew
Curried Chicken Salad
Lemony Beet Tuna Salad– sub out crystallized ginger for raisins
Peach, Black bean and corn salsa-sub with brown rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar
Easy roasted potatoes-sub out white potatoes for sweet potatoes

Curried Stewed Fruit Omit the agave and pineapple juice and maybe add in some dates for sweetness if needed.

Good luck and we are here for you!


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