What a Find!!! and What a Shake!

Hi everyone! Before I begin, feel free to watch my segments on Frugal Family Fun in Montclair. If you fast forward to the 9th minute of the video, you can see me with the Flamenco dancers and delicious tapas from my favorite Tapas Bar:


O.K., you all must know by now that when something comes along that is so helpful and easy, I must share it! You may think I am talking about a recipe, which I will get to, but I am also talking about an incredibly experienced house painter and handy man who does plumbing, electrical work and EVERYTHING else! He has almost 20 years experience as a superintendent of a building . Call him! Alex Murillo: 973-477-8268.

The best part about Alex, however, is that he was open to trying a green shake that I offered him when he told me he was trying to get in better shape. I offered up my favorite, simple recipe which he loves. He is off to the supermarket after work to pick up the ingredients:

Banana Spinach shake:

2 cups frozen, organic Spinach

1 1/2 banana

6 cups water

Puree in a blender until smooth

Not only did he do an amazing job painting my walls, but he:

Secured a bookshelf to the wall so we did not have a Peter Brady tragedy,

Secured all my window locks to keep us safe,

changed all my loose doorknobs

changed light fixtures

spackled the ceiling that suffered damage from a leak in my kitchen

shaved the bottom of my doors that wouldn’t close because of our carpeting

and changed out our old bathroom cabinet for another

He will be here for a while putting together our bunk beds and making a fence in the yard for Shiloh but you can have him after that!:

Again, here is his info:

Alex Murillo


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