Were You a Vegan in Another Life?

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Continuing on our “open your mind” journey about food and cooking, today we have an interesting guest , Saskia,who is an energy healer.  She believes that food behavior affects personal development. Take a read and see what you think-vegans will be especially interested in this piece…..

Is there a connection between personal development and food behavior?

For more than 6 years I have been transforming my life and so I became a business coach, life coach and spiritual mentor. Previously I worked in a family owned company as CEO, leading our company to becoming one of the TOP 100 corporations in Germany and doubling the profits.

Although I was very successful in business, there was still something missing. I felt a deep need to quit my job to become a coach to guide other people to transform their own lives. During this process I got in touch with spiritual works, as I have been spiritually gifted since I was a little girl. The spiritual part of me wanted to be seen and expressed. That was that something I had been looking for.

To execute my job as a coach and spiritual mentor, I became a “Quantum Healer Practitioner”. This energetic work supported me in my new life and helped me to find myself again. A couple of months ago I cooked a delicious chicken curry for me and my daughter, and something strange started:

I bit into a piece of meat and my entire body reacted: The bite of chicken tasted horrible and I immediately felt sick and I was close to throwing up.

I thought that the meat was passed its expiration date, but actually I was paying close attention to buying fresh meat.

But a few weeks later, I had another similar experience: I  loved steaks so I tried a piece of the steak my daughter ordered in a restaurant.

Again I suffered from the same reactions: my belly felt like a blown–up balloon and I had stomach cramps.

On top of that the taste of the meat wasn’t  pleasurable at all: Surprisingly I really felt that I was eating a dead animal. I didn’t understand what was going on with me.

My mother reminded me that I never ate sausage and meat when I was a little girl and the fact that I forgot all of this, proves that I lived someone else’s life instead of mine.

So yes, there is a connection between personal development and food behavior: If you find out who you are, everything falls into place: your career, your job and your health. You may automatically start eating the things which are doing well for you.

Saskia Winkler
Coach & Mentor

“ a different perspective on life”



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