Week One Meal Ideas for the Whole Life Challenge

Hi everyone! Whether we are starting the Whole Life Challenge or just starting off the year right, I thought I would share some menu ideas with you for a week. Our WLC doesn’t start until Jan. 17th but it is a good idea to start assembling ingredients so that we are not stuck at the last minute (and then lunge for the cheese platter).

If these recipes do not all float your boat, please check out the other recipes on Take Back the Kitchen and my recipes on my “leftovers site” at about.com where I contribute recipes, many of which are compliant or easily made compliant.

Breakfast ideas:

coffee or tea with milk or almond milk OR bullet proof coffee (coffee blended with a tbsp of coconut oil and a tbsp of unsalted butter until frothy-it’s actually delicious)

Monday: Brown Rice cakes with almond butter and a schmooshed date on top

Tuesday: Eggs: Always have hard boiled on hand or scramble up your eggs with your leftover vegetables, sauteed roasted red peppers, fresh herbs with avocado on the side and/or compliant salsa. Can serve with the brown rice cakes if you need a bread like substance. Can have compliant sausage like Aidell’s chicken apple sausage from Costco-YUM!

Wednesday: Oatmeal with fresh fruit, raisins and walnuts or pecans/almonds or any other nut

Thursday: Sage frittata or any kind of frittata (don’t use the ricotta!) with a side of greek yogurt mixed with compliant hot sauce

Friday: A big handful of nuts or Fruit and Nut Bars


Monday: handful of nuts, preferably raw almonds
Tuesday: bananas and clementimes
Wednesday: apple slices with almond butter
Thursday: Sun Dried Tomato Hummus or truffled bean dip with pre made carrot sticks or celery sticks
Friday: frozen and then toasted Chick Pea Flour Pancakes
Saturday and Sunday-NUTS or fruit and nut bars

Lunch and dinner:
Have prepared quinoa or brown rice every day and store in clear tupperware in your fridge.
Roast vegetables for the week such as kale, broccoli, beets, cabbage, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. Dice them all up small and lay the separated vegetables on a parchment paper lined baking sheet at 450 degrees until they are tender. Place vegetables that are similar in texture on the same sheet since they will take around the same amount of time to cook-like sweet potatoes and beets together, cabbage and fennel together, broccoli and brussels sprouts together. Have them stored in tupperware at eye level and use them all week for salads, stir frys, to put in compliant pastas, eggs, stews, rice dishes or by themselves.

Always have brown rice tortillas on hand (can get at Trader Joes).
Always have Aidells Apple Chicken Sausages on hand or other compliant sausage. I get them cheaper at Costco.
Always have hard boiled eggs on hand to eat alone or to make Mally and Bailie’s Famous Egg Salad
Make and freeze a TON of these amazingly delicious savory pancakes and then toast them: Chick Pea Flour Pancakes

Mujadarra (Mediterranean Lentils and Rice dish)

Lentil Kale Stew (with or without chicken or pork Sausage)

Chicken Chickpea and Dried Cranberry Tagine

Edgar’s Rosemary, lemon Chicken or sub out tofu

Turkey (substitute tofu for vegans)Peanut Pumpkin Stew: (and save some of the pureed, canned pumpkin or fresh for the savory pumpkin pancakes

Thai tofu or chicken Curry


Cilantro Chipotle Cole Slaw (and roast the rest of the cabbage)

Or any of the above grains with some dried fruit and nuts tossed in and dressed in some flavored oil or vinegar


Frozen bananas with cacao nibs and almond butter
Fruit and nut bars
Rice cake with almond butter and coconut butter-my favorite and filling!
Dried Medjool Dates with some cacao nibs shoved inside-yum!!


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