Two Ingredient Parmesan Popcorn and Two Exciting Events for YOU!!!

Hi everyone! I am so excited about 2 things:

One, Jon Hamm will be back in our lives on MadMen, starting August 16th on AMC. I have been very patient but enough is enough! The time has finally come and I can’t wait.

The second thing is that Take back the Kitchen will have our very first culinary-related outing on Friday night, August 14th, to see the book turned movie, Julie and Julia, with a fun discussion afterward at a local restaurant/bar, Egan’s, in Montclair (exact time and location of movie tba closer to the date).

I would love to see you there and hope you PLAN in advance in the Take Back the Kitchen style, to get a sitter, coerce your partner into coming home early, getting home at a reasonable hour yourself or do whatever it takes to see this great movie and hang with us. What better way to spend the night; seeing a movie about eating and cooking, discussing eating and cooking WHILE eating and drinking!!!!

Also, there will be a special giveaway at the event (I like to think of myself as a sassy Oprah Winfrey) but you need to come to see what it is…Please email me at alma@takebackthekitchen if you plan to come so we can get a reservation at Egan’s. Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, I have an easy movie style recipe for you that is nutritious and fun for you and the kiddies as well. Thanks for this idea, Andrea. Oh, and check out the Associated Press article that hit the streets about the DIY camp that Christine Sapienza ( I put together:;=1

Popcorn with melted cheese:

Take 3 cups of reduced fat popcorn (organic popcorn from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s is great)
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese (or however much you like-I’m not the boss of you!)

In a medium sized microwavable bowl, sprinkle cheese on the popcorn and melt for 30 seconds or so until melted. Eat while watching a movie or watching Jon Hamm.


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  1. Alma, what a super cute idea to do a movie outing! But I'm guessing you need to watch Mad Men in private, so that absolutely no one disturbs you as you gaze, mesmerized, and Jon Hamm's….

  2. I wish I could set that Asa video on a loop and play it over and over…what a cutie pie. And her mother is obviously a good influence on her!

  3. Just finished the book… Awesome! I thought of you, of course, the whole way through! Wish I could join you guys! Have a blast! –Katie

  4. Dear God, I woke this morning thinking of Jon Hamm, truly, diatraught at the notion of waiting until Spring; is it really true? My 2 faves in one night so soon? Cheese and Hamm?????

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