Traveling Through Amish Country and the Friends We Made (and recipes we got!)

Hi everyone! As many of you know from my take Back the Kitchen facebook photos, I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Amish Country.

We stayed at the Country Log Farm House (see brochure up above in the photo ) with Farmer Jim and his wife Mim and thoroughly recommend you stay there for  a night or two. See how sweet they look? They were and Mim was an amazing cook! The prices were crazy reasonable and the breakfast, feeding of farm animals and hay ride were all included!

We learned so much about the Amish from reading articles beforehand but also from dining with a family, Mervin and Betsy. Their catering company, Dutch Country Catering is how you can get in touch with them (photo above) to schedule a dinner when you are in town.

Betsy made us such an incredible meal and our kids played like they had known each of their three kids forever.

Now to the meal:We ate slow cooked chicken, pot roast, awesome mashed potatoes, (recipe above) peas, homemade bread, peanut butter spread and moist chocolate cake. The food far surpassed every restaurant we went to and what a treat to dine with Mervin and Betsy. They cater weddings and many other occasions so contact them!

I bought Betsy’s cookbook and will definitely make some of her treats to remember our trip. What better incentive to cook??


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  1. The gallery of photos is beautiful. As a proud American I appreciate the Amish: cultural heritage, way of life and who makes US a proud country. We are brought to tears by recent tragedy to ‘our’ community. We can relish in the knowledge that the Amish mourn their own in death but more importantly ‘see’ that life’s end brings an everlasting life beyond our comprehension.

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