The Frankenstorm-Community at it’s Best!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone who was in the Hurricane’s path is safe and sound.

I am posting from the satellite Take Back the Kitchen location to show you all the dishes that have been made with my salvaged ingredients to feed my family and some others who have lost power.

It is truly incredible to see how our community in Montclair has come together to help others with food, refuge, warmth, play dates, HAlloween parties for the kids (THANK YOU COLENS!!!!!)  and company during this time of  no power.

Even the YMCA has been incredible with childcare so I could keep jumping rope!

Here are some of the dishes that I have created during the frankenstorm that have come out of my friends’ kitchen.  Keep on cooking if you can-it can be very comforting for you and those around you!

Here’s what is below: Spinach Cream pasta, jalapeo popper dip, garlic cream pasta,Prep for lentil soup,me jumping rope at the Y, my friend Jacquie with my portobello mushroom lasagna!


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