The Best Frozen Fish Filets and Hot Boots to Help Re-Group

Hi everyone. I’m not going to lie. I just got back from a much needed and very entertaining weekend away with some gal pals and I had zero desire to make dinner for my kids. I did, however, assemble some foods, bake some for-last-minute-needs frozen, healthier kids dinners and heat up some leftovers from Friday’s brunch (Thank you, Toni’s Kitchen, for taking most of the brunch leftovers-people, please remember to call your local soup kitchen to take away your leftovers after a party. They even picked it up).

We all need a night away every once in a while and I am so happy that I am fortunate enough to have special friends with whom I can refuel so I can better care for myself and my family.

My recipe today is a suggestion to take a night off, make some delicious frozen Trader Joe’s Fish filets upon your return with some organic frozen peas, and buy some VERY hot boots that your friends insist you buy, even if they are way too high and KILL your feet. Aren’t they nice?


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