Thanksgiving Sandwich, Holiday Traditions and Doritos??

Hi everyone and please click on the title of this post to read more. First off, Happy post Thanksgiving and welcome to the new blog subscribers from the Montclair Adult School workshop!

All in all, my Thanksgiving was a relatively relaxed one since we only had eight adults and my husband made the turkey as usual. He is very proud of his yearly turkey making and he should be-it’s really good. My cooking ego is not affected by his turkey making because I do all or 90% of the side dishes and desserts. Some may say they don’t care about cooking their own homemade holiday feasts but I do. It’s a personal preference that makes me feel like I am cultivating a tradition (see my husband making the turkey and a surprise guest eating the leftovers…).

Whatever your traditions, traditions are important. They allow us to look forward to a special time with friends, families and ourselves. A tradition could even mean changing the dishes every year, as long as that is the tradition. I even indulge my six year old’s tradition of eating Nacho Cheese Doritos every year that started with his formerly teen cousin’s purchasing of that nasty guilty pleasure three years ago (thanks, Bailie, NOT!).

Anyway, for your post Thanksgiving Days meals, how about this for an easy recipe?:

Post Thanksgiving Sandwich:

2 slices of soft bread or roll
a slab of leftover turkey
2 layers of your TBK pecan cornbread stuffing (or any stuffing)mushed together with mashed potatoes until it can be formed into a patty
1-2 TBS of cranberry sauce or cranberry relish

On one slice of bread or 1/2 of a roll, lay the turkey, then the stuffing-potato mixture, then the relish, then another layer of stuffing-potato mixture, then top with the bread. Don’t put the relish on the bread or it will get soggy. Enjoy cold!


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  1. Alma if I remember correctly I did indeed eat those unhealthy doritos that I try so hard to stay away from…but I also remember somebody buying FRITOS and eating them with me!!!

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