Sushi Rolls and Being Open to Information

Hi everyone. As I mentioned in my last post, while visiting my friends in MN I received many an unexpected gift. Not only did I learn about artichokes, but I also learned about ceramic pans as an alternative to toxic fume emitting teflon, the history of Betty Crocker and that she originated in the Twin Cities and that I should really be using melatonin to get some of my kids to sleep.

I was open to learning these new things because I take in everything I hear that may be helpful to me and my family in our journey through this life. That’s why my head is about to explode :-).

That is also why I was thrilled to hear from my local paper about how the lice lady is offering free lice checks to all kids returning from sleapaway camp in my town, even before they step foot back home. I brought my kids right after their bus dropped them off yesterday and was ever so relieved to be in the clear. Her email is Email her!

Is there anything going on around you that you could be listening to to improve your life?

Below is the sushi roll recipe that I taught my old friends and some new friends at my friend Katie’s house. To see how all their fabulous rolls turned out, check out these lovely ladies on the take back the kitchen facebook page.

Here’s the recipe and enjoy!
P.S. Here is an article I have posted on the Olympic Gold Medal Winning Gymnast, Shannon Miller’s, site. She has a wonderful Health and Wellness Website and radio show that would be worth your while to check out:

Sushi Rolls!

cooked rice-4 cups cooked sushi rice-follow instructions on how to cook from packaging. Must use sushi rice since it is sticky
We then laid out the rice on a cookie sheet and put in fridge until cooled slightly. We then sprinkled just a bit of seasoned rice vinegar-a TBS or two- and stirred it in the rice. If you use regular rice vinegar, not seasoned, add a bit of sugar-a tsp or two and mix it in.

crab sticks, sliced vertically into fourths (can get at Asian supermarkets and many others. Usually called “imitation crab sticks”)
cucumber, peeled, seeded and very thinly sliced like matchsticks
carrots, peeled, very thinly sliced like matchsticks
steamed chicken, very thinly sliced like the carrots (add about an inch of water to a pot, let it boil and then add sliced chicken for a few minutes until opaque, let cool and then slice)
Square sheets of roasted seaweed
cooked shrimp, sliced in half vertically

sesame seeds
furikake rice seasoning (hee hee hee)-can get at Asian food stores
pickled ginger
wasabi paste
soy sauce

1)Cut square sheets of seaweed in half and lay on sushi rolling mat, glossy side down, more rough side up

2)Take 1/2 cup cooked, seasoned rice and spread evenly on seaweed, leaving about 3/4 inch on the top without rice. Press down rice so it lays flat. Keep rinsing hands in water so rice does not stick to you.

3)Lay one layer each of the above filler items across the rice horizontally , in the middle but a little closer to the bottom, but don’t overstuff-no more than three items is optimal

4)Optional: sprinkle furikake, sesame seeds, chopped pickled ginger,small amount of wasabi paste smeared over rice in a strip

5)Start rolling! Roll the mat so that the edge of the seaweed touches the rice right over where the filler is. Squeeze the mat in this cigar shape while pulling it toward you! Lift up the mat gently so the seaweed stays put around the filler and then continue rolling and squeezing so there is now a seam. Lay the roll seam side down so it stays sealed.

6)Wrap in plastic wrap to store in fridge and then cut very gently and slowly with a serrated knife.

7)Serve with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger


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