Stop The Overwhelm: Your Kitchen Is a Silent Partner

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I am happy to have Angela Young, interior designer, talk about how important our atmosphere is to us when we’re cooking, eating and entertaining. It’s no joke.

Stop The Overwhelm: Your Kitchen Is a Silent Partner. Here’s How:

Your kitchen’s atmosphere is a silent inspirational supporting member to your cooking team. It fuels the desire to become an extension of self expression through what we ideally want to see on the plate. The kitchen is the backdrop for what we like to eat, how we like to cook, where we like to travel or the stages and phases of our lives.

When innovation of a common ingredient, such as cauliflower, is talked about in a food magazine, it’s synonymous with the popularity of colors in atmospheres. White kitchens have been on a resurgence in popularity and are sweeping the nation. However, should they be?

Here are two examples of how atmosphere through the use of light and dark colors can create the mood. Starting with classic white can formulate the perfect backdrop for sipping morning coffee and planning a productive day. White kitchens support high activity spaces, families with growing children which inspire togetherness through group cooking lessons to decorating cut out cookies. Classic white colors have a energy conservancy properties as well by reflecting daylight from it’s surfaces. Some white kitchen atmospheres leave the impression of neatness, cleanliness, romantic notions of diverse styles of cottages, minimalist modern to European influences.

As for evening entertainers, they find themselves better served when considering a darker toned kitchen to inspire intimate conversations, cocktails, layered uses of light and in this case planning to sip decaf with a delicious dessert. Darker hued atmospheres bring about a nesting quality that may be over looked. Psychologically warmer colors have a primal burrowing cooling effect to them that ironically becomes useful when it’s a balmy 90 degrees outside or quite the opposite warmer feeling when is 30 below outside. Wood species such as cherry, mahogany, hickory and quarter sawn oak make their own statements. However, when combined with painted and stained colors such as blue, black and grey, green lend themselves to beautiful restaurant influenced atmospheres.

We all can at the very least want to look the part, in either putting our expertise forward from being a hobby cook, chef or a cocktail maven, or even if you claim to burn water you wouldn’t be reading this. Support your dreams towards the joy of cooking wrapped in the right mood.


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