My Speed Cooking Advice Today and Patronizing Healthy Food Stores!

Hi everyone! What a week, what a weekend. Today I am providing speed dating advice…I mean speed cooking advice at Verona Park in NJ with the YMCA for Healthy Kid’s Day. Come by my table, please! I will also have some dips and some edamame.

Also, tomorrow I will be wearing my other hat , singing with my band at 2PM, The No Rehearsals, at a farewell party for a family who owns a healthy bread store and bakery in Montclair where I live. I do hope we get another healthy cafe in there.  Here are the details fore the party:

113 Walnut Street, Montclair, NJ

Sunday, April 29th


It seems to me that so many healthy stores and restaurants close , at least around here, because they don’t get enough traffic.

We may not think about how important our role is in keeping healthy businesses alive but we can all make a difference.

Anyhoo, here is a recipe for the healthy and easy, delicious snack I will be bringing to the Y event today. Enjoy!

Edamame Snack:

Crack open a 16 oz. bag of edamame in it’s shell, organic , of course. Boil them for 6 minutes, let them cool, sprinkle with salt and serve. Yum!



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  1. Hi! Just wondering where Sally, from the Bread Co., and her hubby are going? They’ve been a staple here in Montclair for so long and I love their bread store. I also love that they raised bees, at their home, right here in town. They will be missed, for sure!

  2. I totally agree about patronizing these stores. I am so sad about the Bread Company….but I hear that the new owners will keep a lot of the recipes. I love their carrot cake muffins with nuts and raisins…super yum.

  3. Hi JLF. They are moving to Australia where I believe her husband is from. They will be missed 🙁

  4. Hi Beth. I have heard that someone who has worked at Amy’s Bread in the City will be taking over which sounds great! There will also be a cafe which is wonderful for the South-enders….

  5. Hi,
    As per the saying…”If wealth is lost, nothing is lost. But if health is lost, everything is lost.” I would suggest everyone to be aware of all type of diseases and their remedies. I found your blog very useful for others…I would like to read more of your posting in the upcoming future…
    Keep it up….!

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