Spanish Tortilla and First Video Interview with Pamela and Her Cooking Challenges

Hi everyone. Please click on the title of this post to read more. Sorry for my unexpected absence but I was away on vacation and surprised to find I had no internet access! The blog posts in my mind were shooting out of me with nowhere to go-it was HORRIBLE! So glad to be back…

So, I spent some of the week interviewing some very special blog guests, one of which I hope you will watch below today. I am speaking with Pamela who has been kind enough to share some of her struggles with her obstacles to cooking dating back to a young age. Maybe some of you can relate and share your thoughts/experiences with her via the Take Back the kitchen “comments” after the post. This will be the first part in a series with Pamela.

In the meantime, here is Pamela’s delicious and heavily practiced recipe for Spanish Tortilla which you have probably enjoyed at a Tapas Bar at some point or in Spain, if you were fortunate enough. It is basically a glorified omelet, but a bit more labor intensive and a LOT more delicious:

Spanish Tortilla:

4 eggs
1/2 kilo potatoes (I use two medium-sized potatoes)
Olive oil

Peel and wash the potatoes, cut into fine slices, maybe 1/3″ thick (I usually cut the potatoes in half the long way and slice each half)

Heat oil in a pan (deep enough to cover the potatoes, or use a spoon to pour the oil over the top of the potatoes as you fry), fry the potato slices on a medium to low flame, moving them constantly so they cook evenly. Add salt to taste while frying.

When they are cooked enough to be softened, remove from pan with a strainer to remove extra oil. I don’t cook them all the way through at this point, because they will cook again with the eggs.

In a separate bowl, beat eggs (frothing the whites first for a fluffier tortilla), add salt to taste. Add to potatoes and mix well.

Use an 8″-9″ skillet to cook the tortilla – add enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan and heat the oil. Add egg/potato mixture and cook over medium heat. Move skillet around at first to ensure eggs don’t stick to the pan. Once you can see a golden edge forming, hold a plate tight on top of the skillet, flip the tortilla into the plate, and slide the uncooked side back into the skillet. Again, move skillet around to ensure eggs don’t stick to the pan. Cook until golden brown. Slide onto a serving plate. Cut into pie-like slices and serve, hot or cold.

Note: if you want to add onions, dice one small onion, and fry with the potatoes.
Also, here’s a note from the recipe book at the opening of the chapter on Tortillas:
You usually use 1.5 to 2 eggs per person. It’s not a good idea to make a tortilla with more than 4 eggs. Tortillas should have a nice shape, pretty color, and be soft in the middle. It’s a good idea to have a small skillet especially for this use.


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  1. Ole con ole!! Alma, I’ve been tuning into this blog for a few months now and enjoy the freshness it brings to my own kitchen habits. Pamela, I applaude your courage to take back the kitchen, sister. As with anything Pamela, you’re taking the skills you’re good at and building upon them. Crack an egg, beat an egg, fry potatoes, and what about that fancy flip of a tortilla – definately a practiced skill and not dumb luck.

    To your increasingly good health and the health of those around you. Cheers!


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