Spanish Tapas and I Almost Ran Away From the Suburbs….

Hi everyone and please click on the title of this post to read more. So, I have been pretty busy the last few months and felt that I really needed some quality time with my eight year old. Life at home with small children can sometimes get overwhelming, in case you did not know ;-), and if we are fortunate enough to have the support of someone who can watch our kids, or some of them, we need to take advantage of it (in a respectful way, of course).

So my husband is that support person and he gave me his blessing to take one child, just one! to the City for a night while he stayed with the others. My sister, Peggy, the next supportive character in this story, shared her NYC apt. with us. We had a much needed break, spent some great one on one time together but….

I must confess that the experience of being so free of responsibilities in my home city with all the ease and glamour made me feel a twinge of panic, like maybe I could not face going back to the suburbs with my relatively new life there. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live with all my family and friends but I am a true New Yorker at heart and was suddenly back to my former life with everything at my fingertips with very little work-no cleaning and cooking, just walking, not driving, shopping and eating. How could I return to the monotony of house and kitchenwork?

Before I left on my trip, my friend, Suzanne was visiting us (see her pregnant self devouring Passover leftovers in the video below) in the aforementioned suburbs. She lives in Brooklyn but she, too, is considering the move out here. While in the City, I thought about the fact that most of my friends have, indeed, moved to the suburbs.

If I were to move back to the City, I’d be alone! It made me realize that it truly doesn’t matter where we live but with whom we spend our time and how we spend our time. Yeah, NYC is the best City in the world, but I’ve got two huge refrigerators in my suburb that make it easier for me to nourish my huge family with healthy food. I also have more space which means less clutter for all our stuff. How could I ever have that AND all my new friends in the city? All to say (and here is the bridge) that there is true value in homemaking and cooking healthy meals for our families but that sometimes we need to take a break from our monotony whether it is with cooking, child rearing, laundry or anything else so that we can appreciate all we have. We need support to do both the work and the break so if it is not offered, request it nicely ;-).

Also, we do not need to cook all the time even in the suburbs. We suburbanites need a break too!

With that, I leave you with NO recipe but my favorite spot in NYC
Xunta (pronounced CHUNTA), a Spanish tapas bar on 1st Avenue between 11th and 12th street. I used to go there all the time when I was a hot twenty something with fully brown hair, no wrinkles, buff arms from working out all the time, a laissez faire attitude about me (not really, actually) and a spring in my step that has now returned after getting one glorious night away, thanks to Brian and peggy.

Enjoy your dinner out!


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  1. I love the honesty of this post & the writing—and the video is so perfect. I especially love the slurping reference, which indicates just how delicious that food must be. That tapas place will be a date-night must-go-to place…

  2. Hence, why I am not sure about moving:)
    I forgot to mention in the video that it was also your enthusiastic presentation and authentic desire to nurture me that made the food so good. xox Suzanne

  3. well, we live in brooklyn, 1/2 hour on the F train from midtown, we have 2 large fridges and can feed our kids healthy food too – but it doesnt mean i wouldnt want to try a tapas night out, so thanks for the tip!

  4. As part of Alma and Suzanne’s 20 something wild Spanish past…I can attest to the fact that a)that Spanish restaurant really was good. b) Alma really was a hottie. Good to know that things don’t really change 😉

    Suzanne…felicidadez on the upcoming baby!

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