Sole with Seasoned Breadcrumbs and Your Favorite TBK Stars!


Hi everyone. My computer broke down (help!) so thank goodness for the Narraganset library and their Dell computers (and their Dell’s frozen Lemonade on the beach).

Well, you will all recognize the stars of the above video, Aunt Judy and Uncle Art, and here is the secret to their over 50 year marriage: Cooking with love. O.K., maybe not the only secret but it is one of them. See how Aunt Judy’s traunmatic fish dinner experience couldnn’t stop her from making her husband a dinner that he would never forget. Enjoy the video and enjoy Aunt Judy’s fish recipe.

Aunt Judy’s Love Fish:

1 lb white fish fillet, like fillet of sole
seasoned breadcrumbs, around 3/4 cup to 1 cup
1/4 to 1/2 cup milk
2 tsp butter, 2 tsp olive oil separated

Wash and dry fish with a paper towel and lay on plate.
In a bowl, add breadcrumbs.
Lay out a separate plate.
Dip fillets in milk, let drip off, then the breadcrumbs, press down into crumbs so they stick, and lay on the plate. Continue until all fillets are breaded.
In a non stick or seasoned cast iron skillet, heat up one tsp butter and one tsp olive oil. When fat mixture is bubbling a bit, it is hot. Add the fish, cook a few minutes on one side until golden and then flip to the other side. Cook until golden-another minute or two. Add more butter and oil for the next batch and use more if needed. Enjoy!


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