Smoked Cheddar and Dried Mango Toasts and Great Resources For YOU!

Hi everyone. I hope you are having a restful weekend. I, for one, am not, since my husband is playing in the World Championship of Poker in Vegas, leaving me with all the kids. Fortunately, Ana from Seville is here and helping me out. Boy is he lucky (please bring back lots of money, dear.)

Anyhoo, I want to share some resources with you since you are so nice and read my blog:

This is a wonderful site with environmentally safe stainless steel servingware for your kids-check it out!

Secondly, let’s support teens who are working and get fantastic knives at the same time-I love my Cutco knives:

My name is Dan. I am a graduate of MHS in the class of 2009. I am currently home for the summer, after an exciting freshman year at College. For the remainder of the summer, I am selling Cutco Cutlery products in and around Montclair. I have been making presentations at dozens of homes in and around Montclair for the last month on behalf of Cutco (practicing the soft sell, rather than HARD SELL sales pitch in every instance). I can be reached to set up non-binding, stress-free appointments at (973) 978-3956.

Isn’t he nice?

Here’s the recipe of the day that is REALLY nice. My friend Suzanne could not get enough of these smoked cheese apps so here they are:

Smoked Cheddar and Dried Mango Toasts:

3/4 baguette of stale-ish whole wheat baguette or any baguette, sliced very thin like 1/4 inch
1/2 cup tiny chunks of dried mango, dates, apricots or any other dried fruit you like
1 1/2 cups shredded smoked cheddar, smoked gouda or any other smoked cheese
1 large shallot or one small onion, chopped small and sautreed in 2 tsp butter until wilted
Olive oil spray or 2 tsp olive oil

Take bread slices and either spray them with olive oil spray or brush on some olive oil on each
Place in a toaster oven at 300 degrees and toast for about 15-20 minutes until toasts are hard like crackers

In a medium sized bowl, mix cooked onions and dried fruit together and set aside

Top each toast with a small spoonful of cheese and put back in toaster oven until cheese melts. Remove from toaster oven when melted and top with a bit of fruit and onions, like in above photo. Serve warm as an appetizer. Yum!


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  1. That looks like a wonderful app! Totally making that. And my college boyfriend sold Cutco so like you I am soft on those sales guys! But they really make the greatest knives ever.

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