REALLY Healthy Pancakes, Green Shakes, Finicky Eaters and Secrets in the Kitchen…..

Hi everyone and please click on the title of this post to read more. First off, welcome to all the new subscribers from Baby Loves Disco yesterday. Another day of slam dancing toddlers eating cheese cubes….

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Well, I was inspired to give you an “additive recipe” for today’s post because of my friend Jacquie. Her son came over last week and was in heaven with my pancakes. She told me he keeps asking her for them (which made me so special) and I felt it was only fair to share my little healthy secret with the rest of you.

I actually use a multigrain pancake mix from Trader Joe’s , their own Trader Joe’s brand, and I add some health building ingredients. You see, my six year old is very picky and wants pancakes every single day. To justify my making pancakes every single morning, I add an egg for protein and a slew of other healthy items so I know he is getting a healthy breakfast to start the day.

What is even better is that I use the same ingredients for my own green power shakes (check out the video below to learn my secrets).

It just goes to show that we can be indulgent with ourselves and our families and health building at the same time. Here is the recipe that you can modify for your own use and I hope it is as successful as mine-he never rejects it!

REALLY Healthy Pancakes

1 cup of any pancake mix
about 3/4 cup milk or buttermilk, more if it seems too gloppy. If you added too much milk, just add a little more pancake mix-no big deal!
1 TBS bran
1-2 tsp flax seeds ground in a coffee grinder (flax seeds can be bought at Whole Foods, most supermarkets and any health food store)
1 TBS wheat germ (bought at any supermarket)
1 egg

Mix it all together and fry up as you would any pancakes in a frying pan with a little butter. Pour anything you like on top such as butter, syrup, honey, agave syrup, etc. Enjoy!


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  1. um, lettuce, clementines, bananas and a lot of othe rhealthy stuff? it’s weird enough my husband will be fascinated. will let you know how our own healthy home experiment goes.

  2. Thanks for the video – when we spoke about this on Saturday I didn’t comprehend that you were using mixed salad greens…I was still focusing on spinach. I’ll definitely try this since I’m actually enjoying the spinach shakes. I’m also impressed with the blender – what type of blender are you using? I think all the ingredients you loaded would kill my some what powerful Waring blender.

  3. I typically eat a lot of fruits and veges so I have not been making green shakes. This morning I noticed a container of strawberries and a container of blueberries that were getting really soft. I put them in my blender with some veges I had steamed over the last two days and didn’t think we would eat today. I am so excited! The shake tasted great and I didn’t through away all that good for you food!

  4. i use a Vitamix blender. VERY expensive (maybe 4-$500.00 but I have had it for 10 years, it PULVERIZES everything and it allows me to eat these green shakes!

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